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Beaver Lake Animal Hospital
26325 SE 39th Street
Issaquah, WA 98029

Beaver Lake Animal Hospital

26325 SE 39th Street
Issaquah, WA 98029



Employment Opportunities

We are always glad to accept resumes from enthusiastic, hard working, dependable, team oriented people. We are a tiny veterinary hospital and can have no more than 4 employees.  We usually have 2 full time and a couple part time employees.

Favorable applicants will be asked to submit an application with skill sheet and job related questionnaire in addition to a resume and cover letter. The application, skills sheet and questionnaire  can be found in a file below.  The file is a PDF but it will need to be printed and manually filled out.  The application can be brought to the office or may be PDF'd and attached.  We prefer an applicant to bring the application in. Incomplete applications will be recycled. If an interview is scheduled, applicant must review the employee manual files, the housekeeping duties file and return a signed PreInterview form in advance of an interview.  This form will be included in the employee file of all whom are hired.


Responsibilities include scheduling appointments, answering the telephone, setting up new clients and patients, preparation and maintenance of medical records, admitting and discharging patients, filling some prescriptions, over the counter sales, mailings, computer operation, financial transactions, filing, and front office and reception area maintenance.  Receptionists will assume the responsibility for acquiring the medical and legal information necessary for the performance of their duties.


Licensed technicians are responsible for hospital maintenance (cleaning, etc) - a lot of hospital maintenance, assisting the doctors, laboratory procedures, radiology, client communication, medical procedures, pharmacy, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting problem of instruments and equipment, inventory, daily treatment of hospitalized patients, rehabilitation, assisting in the operating room and maintenance of the OSHA and Hazardous Materials programs.  


Non-licensed staff are assistant and/or receptionists.  They perform much of what a technician is allowed to do but have state mandated limitations.  Assistants also are required to be responsible for hospital maintenance, work with the doctor, the technician and/or the receptionist to see that all our needs are filled.

Kennel Help
Kennel help assist all others and have primary duties of cleaning and care of the pets and the hospital in general.  We rarely have an official kennel help person.  That means the the other employees complete these tasks.

We would appreciate you bringing the application, resume and cover letter to the office.

Below is a list of forms and files.  Much of our employee manual and new hire paperwork is available.  The benefits section will be updated to determine changes needed due to the Affordable Care Act.

If an interview is scheduled the applicant should read all the Employee Manual files that are listed below as well as view the housekeeping duty lists.   An interview will not be completed until the information has been read.  The manual will tell you much about us and what to expect.  Be prepared to sign that each section has been reviewed.


File NameDescription / Comment
Application for Employment 2012This form/skill sheet and questionaire must be filled out, signed and returned for any interested applicant.
Application PreInterview FormThis form must be signed and returned prior to an interview.
Employee Manual 1 Introduction, AcknowledgementIntro, Acknowledgement and Safety Quiz
Employee Manual 2 Practice Philosophies SectPhilosophiy and Code of Ethics
Employee Manual 3 Definitions, Schedule & PayDefinitions, schedule, pay
Employee Manual 4 PoliciesIntroductory period, EEO, etc
Employee Manual 5 BenefitsBenefits - veterinary services, paid time off, holidays, insurance, etc
Employee Manual 6 Job DescriptionsReceptionist, Assistant, Technician, Kennel Help
Employee Manual 7 Instructions, Corrections, etcInstruction, Corrections, Discipline, Termination
Employee Manual 8 SafetyAccident Prevention Program
Housekeeping Duties - Daily
Housekeeping Duties - Twice Weekly
Housekeeping Duties - Weekly
Housekeeping Duties -Monthly
Labor & Industries Job Safety and Health Protectio
New Hire Dept Of Justice I9 Employment EI9 Immigration Form
New Hire DSHS Form 18-463
New Hire Form W-4
New Hire Minor Parent-School Form