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Beaver Lake Animal Hospital
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Beaver Lake Animal Hospital

26325 SE 39th Street
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Laser Therapy

We are proud to offer frequency specific low level laser therapy (FSLLLT) to our patients starting in July 2011.


So what does this mean? 

It means we offer the choice of noninvasive, drug free treatments for a variety of problems.  This new treatment modality can help promote healing, reduce pain and can treat chronic and acute problems including soft tissues/organs and joint problems. 


Optimal treatment with lasers is still being developed.  There are a variety of lasers in use in the medical fields.  Each laser made available for treating patients have a variety of abilities and features.  Lasers have been being used in the human medical field a little longer, or more in depth information has been determined.  In the veterinary field there is much left to be determined.  Our use of our laser may contribute to the knowledge available to others in the future. 


I'd like to summarize my current understanding about laser therapy, specifically related to our unit. I do not want to overpromise about what it can do.  But I am convinced enough of the potential abilities to try and currently am optimistic that lasers will become more and more a part of regular human and veterinary medicine.


You may have heard the term cold laser.  Our unit has cold lasers, these are class 3 lasers.  It works with photochemical processes via the wavelength and frequency, not heat.  Class 3 lasers do not heat or destroy tissue.  Conversely, class 4 lasers may heat tissues and may cause damage to tissues. 


The understanding I have is that our laser can stimulate the cellular mitochondria and stimulate the cells to become more active.  With age and injury many of our cells are not actively repairing themselves.  The laser emits photons that hopefully will promote tissue healing as well as act on the nervous system and other systems in the body to reduce pain.


To summarize our hope is that our laser will reduce your pet's pain and if and where possible promote tissues to heal themselves.  Our success will vary with the diagnosis, the amount and kind and duration of damage or disease, our ability to localize it, our ability to determine the proper frequencies and clients ability to bring the pet in for treatments. 


Treatments may only be 1 to treatments but in many cases will be about 13 treatments over a 3 week period of time.  A typical 13 treatment protocol will be 2 treatments daily for 3 days and one treatment daily for 3 days and 1 treatment 2 times weekly for 2 weeks.


Each treatment may be anywhere from 20 seconds to about 15 minutes.  We may use a variety of frequencies, each set used up to 3 minutes per area. 


Want to know more about our laser unit?  Read on.

Our laser is from the Erchonia Corporation.  Not only was Erchonia the first Low-Level Laser to receive 510(k) market clearance from the FDA for Chronic Pain for humans as well as other clearances.  Our unit from Erchonia offers three (3) complete laser devices in one station.


For more technical details, read on.


�           Lasers:

o        1 - Class 3a (635nm) - (2) 5 milli Watt Diodes

o        1 - Class 3b (635nm) - (2) 7.5 milli Watt Diodes

o        1 - Class 3a (405nm) - (2) 5 milli Watt

�           Wavelength: 635 nm, 405nm

�           Frequency: Variable from 1hz - 50,000hz

�           Capable of up to twenty (20) presets

�           Weight: Unit with Probes 7.45 lbs. Probes .75 lbs each

�           Material: Fire rate, high impact PC/ABS

�           Battery: Rechareable Lithium-Ion

�           Power Source: 110/220VAC

�           Process and Machine Patented US Patent No. (6,605,079B2; 6,013,096; 6,746,473)

�           Certified in accordance to:

o        ISO 9000 and 9001 Quality Standards

o        ISO 13485 Medical Device Standards

o        ISO 60825 Laser Standards

o        FDA Good Manufacturing Practices

�           Approved Testing:

o        IEC 60601-1-2

o        MDD 93/42/EEC

o        EN4600

o        IEC60825-1 Laser Safety

For more detail, visit www.erchonia.com