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Beaver Lake Animal Hospital
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Beaver Lake Animal Hospital

26325 SE 39th Street
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Preprocedure Information

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Preprocedure Information

Your pet should not have any food or treats after 6 P.M. the night before the procedure (diabetics excepted). Water should be available at all times. Walk your dog before coming into the clinic.

Plan to arrive at 8:30 A.M. the morning of the procedure (unless otherwise arranged). Some days our schedules are very full, we need to perform procedures in a specific order starting at 8:30. If the pets are not here on time, we may not have enough time to complete all procedures. If you are later than 8:40, we may need to reschedule. Allow time to read and sign an authorization form. You will be given a written estimate of scheduled and anticipated services. We will call you when your pet is in recovery and the procedures have been completed.

If you have questions about the scheduled procedure(s) that were not answered in the information provided, please call in advance of the procedure date. We want to answer your questions about what is expected to happen.

We will perform a preanesthesia lab analysis (organ function, electrolytes and hematocrit or complete blood cell count) if your pet is scheduled for anesthesia. Our new technology allows us to perform these tests using only about 3 drops of blood. On some pets, the testing may be completed within the 7 days prior to the scheduled procedure. Not all conditions are readily detected by physical exam. This includes some congenital (present at birth) problems. An in house profile allows us to find out enough about your pet?s electrolytes, blood proteins, kidney and liver function, as well as the percentage of red cells to better insure your pet?s ability to undergo a smooth anesthesia. This information will allow us to help your pet through and after today?s procedures. This also allows us a baseline of what is normal in your pet. If your pet is ever sick, we can refer to the baseline for comparison.

When your pet is in for a scheduled service, some other services might be of benefit to you and your pet. You may authorize these services when your pet is admitted in the morning, or anytime before your pet is in recovery. Provided here is some information to allow you to make an educated decision.

(Note: some of these services may already be included, and/or required.)

1. If your pet is not yet Microchipped, we can perform the simple injection to permanently identify your pet.

If you want your pet back, should they become separated from you, you want your pet microchipped. Virtually all humane societies and animal control agencies scan pets for microchips. Most lost pets somehow have lost their collars.

2. Radiographs can be taken to assess for hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, arthritis or other medical conditions.

When pets are sedated or anesthetized we can easily take X-rays that would otherwise be impossible. In older pets, radiographs are particularly important in detecting spinal arthritis and intervertebral disc disease, changes in the shape and size of the heart, and detecting abnormal calcification in tissues such as in the kidneys and the urinary bladder.

3. Any warts, skin tags, cysts or other lumps can be removed.

Please be prepared to indicate which lumps, etc you wish removed. Mark them on the pet with permanent marker or some other way to assist us in finding them. A diagram on the back of this sheet allows you to map out the lumps you wish addressed. (Remember to bring this sheet with you when you are dropping off your pet). List the total number of lumps you wish removed. If warranted, tissues will be sent in to the lab for a biopsy report.

4. We recommend the tear ducts be flushed if your pet has epiphora (tear staining).

We can examine the eyelids and tear ducts under magnification. We can attempt to flush the ducts or open the entrances

to the ducts to prevent or reduce epiphora. Medication may be sent home after this procedure. The fee is based on the amount of time plus supplies required for this service.

5. We recommend removing any eyelashes that are disturbing the eyes due to growing in the wrong direction, or place.

6. We can easily perform the following grooming procedures: Toenail trim, Ear Hygiene (plucking hair out of the ears and/or cleaning), Brushing or Clipping out mats, Bathing, Expressing anal sacs. Several of these services are done at reduced cost when completed under anesthesia or sedation.



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