Beaver Lake Animal Hospital Files - 'Employment'http://beaverlakeah.evetsites.netEmployment. Beaver Lake Animal Hospital near Sammamish in Issaquah, WA. Offering an integrated veterinary practice with wellness care, diagnostics, treatments, acupuncture and laser therapy. Dr. Lisa Bennett.Application for Employment 2012 form/skill sheet and questionaire must be filled out, signed and returned for any interested applicant.file/38380/Application for Employment 2012Application PreInterview Form form must be signed and returned prior to an interview. file/38385/Application PreInterview FormEmployee Manual 1 Introduction, Acknowledgement, Acknowledgement and Safety Quizfile/49038/Employee Manual 1 Introduction, AcknowledgementEmployee Manual 2 Practice Philosophies Sect and Code of Ethicsfile/5151/Employee Manual 2 Practice Philosophies SectEmployee Manual 3 Definitions, Schedule & Pay, schedule, payfile/13713/Employee Manual 3 Definitions, Schedule & PayEmployee Manual 4 Policies period, EEO, etcfile/5145/Employee Manual 4 PoliciesEmployee Manual 5 Benefits - veterinary services, paid time off, holidays, insurance, etcfile/13710/Employee Manual 5 BenefitsEmployee Manual 6 Job Descriptions, Assistant, Technician, Kennel Helpfile/13711/Employee Manual 6 Job DescriptionsEmployee Manual 7 Instructions, Corrections, etc, Corrections, Discipline, Terminationfile/23882/Employee Manual 7 Instructions, Corrections, etcEmployee Manual 8 Safety Prevention Programfile/23881/Employee Manual 8 SafetyHousekeeping Duties - Daily Duties - DailyHousekeeping Duties - Twice Weekly Duties - Twice WeeklyHousekeeping Duties - Weekly Duties - WeeklyHousekeeping Duties -Monthly Duties -MonthlyLabor & Industries Job Safety and Health Protectio & Industries Job Safety and Health ProtectioNew Hire Dept Of Justice I9 Employment E Immigration Formfile/5148/New Hire Dept Of Justice I9 Employment ENew Hire DSHS Form 18-463 Hire DSHS Form 18-463New Hire Form W-4 Hire Form W-4New Hire Minor Parent-School Form Hire Minor Parent-School Form