Beaver Lake Animal Hospital Files - 'Forms and Files'http://beaverlakeah.evetsites.netForms and Files.Beaver Lake Animal Hospital near Sammamish in Issaquah, WA. Offering an integrated veterinary practice with wellness care, diagnostics, treatments, acupuncture and laser therapy. Dr. Lisa Bennett.Aqueous Hyposensitization Information Allergy Hyposensitization file/17295/Aqueous Hyposensitization InformationAuthorization for Hospitalization authorization is one we may use if your pet is being admitted for hospitalization.file/25432/Authorization for HospitalizationCritical Care Authorization emergencies it is important for communication to occur as soon as possible.file/5683/Critical Care AuthorizationDay Admission Sheet Admission. Need your pet examined but appointments are not available. We will assist any established patient with a day admission. This form allows you to provide us with basic information on your pet's current health needs.file/25431/Day Admission SheetDental Health Power Point Health Power PointDental prophylaxis Handout to know what is involved in a dental prophylaxis here? It is all spelled out here.file/3965/Dental prophylaxis HandoutDental Treatment dental disease is present, treatment is warranted. Here is a summary of some of our services.file/3964/Dental TreatmentDentistry - Pets need dental care brochure - Pets need dental care brochureDentistry - Recommended home care products can do alot to keep their teeth and mouths healthy. Start with a healthy mouth and keep it that way.file/27453/Dentistry - Recommended home care productsDentistry - Some facts - Some factsDentistry Authorization Form 2009 is the authorization form used on the day of dentistry services.file/25430/Dentistry Authorization Form 2009Diagnostic Testing summary of interpreting lab results and some of reasons why we do them.file/27451/Diagnostic TestingElective Procedure Authorization 2009 is the form we use for patients in for elective services other than dentistry or spay/neuter.file/25428/Elective Procedure Authorization 2009Emergency Authorization for Pet Sitters this information for you pet care-takers. It is a good idea to spell out your wishes for your pets. This form can do that, or get you started.file/25434/Emergency Authorization for Pet SittersEuthanasia Procedure is a summary of what to expect for euthanasiafile/34819/Euthanasia Procedure FDA Brochure on Drugs some info to know before you make prescription purchases.file/34896/FDA Brochure on DrugsGrooming Information grooming can prevent dermatitis and some health problems. It will help keep your feeling better and happy.file/5684/Grooming InformationHospital Policy Brochure general rundown of our policies.file/34895/Hospital Policy BrochureIn Praise of Crates - Article love crate trained dogs. Fewer behavior issues, less stressed when hospitalized!file/5685/In Praise of Crates - ArticleInternational Health Certificate and Travel Inform with your pet out of the country? Details matter.file/21719/International Health Certificate and Travel InformKitten Kit Kitten? Here is info of what is normally done for the first 6 months.file/3908/Kitten Kit Leptospirosis Information Handout info on Lepto and considerations in our area.file/3921/Leptospirosis Information HandoutNew Client Patient 2009 client and patient formfile/25429/New Client Patient 2009Preanesthetic testing PDF testing PDFPreProcedure Information you should know before your pet will be admitted for a service.file/3906/PreProcedure InformationPuppy Manners Handout training and handling information for puppies.file/3960/Puppy Manners HandoutPuppy Pak Pup? This is what we offer for our puppies.file/3910/Puppy PakRadiograph Release Form Release FormSpay Neuter Authorization is the authorization when pets are in for spay or neuter.file/3918/Spay Neuter AuthorizationSpay/Neuter Discharge Information post spay or neuter.file/25433/Spay/Neuter Discharge InformationSpay/Neuter Information on what we do for spays and neuters as well as some of the commonly recommended additional services. file/3904/Spay/Neuter InformationTCVM Questionnaire use for acupuncture casesfile/28315/TCVM QuestionnaireToe Nail Care Handout's always fun!file/3962/Toe Nail Care HandoutUrinary Problems Questionaire details make a difference.file/3899/Urinary Problems QuestionaireVaccination Information InformationWhen your pet is hospitalized we do, what to expect.file/3903/When your pet is hospitalized